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'risk and emergency management education centre'
specialising in consulting, project management and training in:

Risk Management:

  • business
  • IT systems design, deployment and disaster recovery
  • education
  • local government
  • community service groups

Emergency Management:
  • business
  • education
  • local government
  • community events

Flexible Learning / e-Learning
  • consulting
  • development
  • hosting
  • deployment
  • facilitation
  • e-moderation
  • auditing

Community support services

'raemec' supports the South Australian State Emergency Service, assisting in the development of community based "on-line education" programmes on behalf of Disaster Management Services in South Australia.

Many of the "Introduction to Risk Management" courses are offered free to community groups. If your interest is in community education - please feel free to talk to us about your community needs.

The Principal Education Officer holds Advanced Diploma's in Community Services - Volunteer Management and Public Safety - Emergency Mangement, so if your community group, emergency service organisation or local government office requires some assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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