About Us...

What do we do ???

At 'raemec' we design, create, facilitate and e-moderate "on-line" learning (e-learning) environments. Flexible Learning and multi mode training delivery is our passion.

'raemec's' interest lies in the delivery of "quality on-line" educational material, of which your everyday web-site is a key part of your business environment.

At 'raemec' we can assist you in your in-house staff and professional development programs including end user introductions, to an "on-line" learning environment.

Our educational material comes from many sources and in many forms .... from a simple web-page to interactive web-sites using a variety of collaborative educational tools, linking educators from around the world with common educational themes.

'raemec' from time to time out sources work to specialist designers and programmers, predominantly from within Australia as we have a belief in "Australian Made". We also utilise the expertise of our extensive network of professionals all over the world, particularly those involved in integrated community based education.

Let 'raemec' provide you with the best, most efficient, links to your world client base - allowing you to not only think globally - but interact in a global environment. The world is your oyster - go and harvest the pearl, we are here to assist you to prosper in this wonderful and exciting environment.

"linking communities to the world and beyond" CJA 2000


'raemec' was established in 2002, responding to demands for flexible delivery of risk and emergency management training to remote and regional areas of South Australia for Local Government, emergency service volunteers and community volunteer organisations. 

The Principal Education Officer in 'raemec' is Chris Ainsworth. He is an Australian National Training Authority (ANTA) Flexible Learning Leader (FLL). In 2001, his FLL programme led him in gaining the first Diploma of e-learning from the University of Technology - Sydney in May 2002. As part of his programme, he undertook research in Canada in the practical deployment of e-learning platforms within Small to Medium sized organisations, colleges and training organisations, focusing on community based emergency service organisations and community awareness programs.

Community Support

'raemec' actively supports community organisations. Chris is a member of the South Australian State Emergency Service, assisting in the development of community based "on-line education" programmes on behalf of Disaster Management Services. Many of the "Introduction to Risk Management" courses are offered free to community groups.

If your interest is in community education - please feel free to talk to us about your community needs. Chris holds an Advanced Diploma in Community Services - Volunteer Management, and has the expertise to assist your community group.

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